The continuing story of my 1964 Pontiac Tempest Custom...
Brakes and steering?
Brakes and steering?  Not very useful while the car is up on jack stands.  One day, though.

I’m also converting the front drum brakes to disc brakes. Here’s the conversion bracket with the caliper test mounted. Everyone knows cars with red calipers stop more quickly than cars with plain calipers.

The master cylinder and power brake booster have been removed and replacement parts have been purchased. I have also removed the steering column for refurbishment. In this picture you can see the installed control arms and the hole in the firewall where the steering column once resided. While on the topic of the firewall, it has been completely painted on the driver’s side of the car and partially painted on the other side.

I have also installed a remanufactured steering box. A new power steering pump has been purchased and I’m just starting to prep and paint the power steering pump and reservoir. Once completed, I’ll mount the pump.

When a power steering booster and master cylinder fail, the vacuum from the engine draws brake fluid into the brake booster. How do I know this? I put the old booster in the back of my Vibe to take it to Dixie Auto Parts, as the core was needed for exchange. About halfway there, I notice the unique aroma of brake fluid. The booster had turned over and was now marinating in it’s own juices. What a mess! Choice expletives helped ease my pain and shop rags soaked up the booster’s excreta.

Work on the car has been very slow since Memorial Day 07. My excuses are threefold: (1) No money, but plenty of time; (2) No time, but I have money; and (3) No money, no time. Right now, I’m in the “no time, but money” phase of the car’s rebirth. I read in an auto restoration book that the average length of time to restore a car at home is three to four years. At the rate I’m going, my car will be the poster child for a long-term restoration.

The red caliper paint was purchased on a whim. 
I wouldn't do it again...

What a messy rat's nest of wires.  Replacing the
engine and front light harnesses is in
the master plan.

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