The continuing story of my 1964 Pontiac Tempest Custom...
Nice Rear End, Pt. II

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last updated the website.  Since we live in a culture these days where nothing is ever anyone’s fault, I thought I’d throw out a few good excuses for my lack of progress:


High school football season, for starters.  My son’s coach roped me into filming all the games this year.  Just about every Friday night from mid August until mid November were spent in or on a press box filming the game and watching my oldest son on the gridiron.  I figured my service to the athletic department would ensure play time for Junior.


Football season ended and basketball crept into the void.  Several nights a week thru February in the gym resulted in less time to work on the old buggy.


Global warming also factored in, as well.  I thought I’d throw that one in, since invoking that is trendy these days.  Damn those dead white European males that brought us civilization and prosperity as they raped the land!  Honey, on your way out, could you get some more chunks of peat?  The fire is going out and the cave is getting cold…


I took the axle housing to my good friend Barry Williams for a rebuild.  He replaced one of the axle shafts, pressed in new bearings, and installed new seals.  The axle ended up on a workbench in my shop for months, as I slowly got around to painting it.  I also purchased new brake lines and shoes, springs, etc.  All of the new parts are installed, and the axle is ready to hang back under the car – when I get some time.

After I purchased the brake spring kit, I looked at all the springs, washers, and various pieces-parts and wondered how I would ever put it all together.  Thank goodness for the internet!


I’ve also helped stimulate the economy by purchasing front-to-rear brake lines, a dual master cylinder, proportioning valve, brake drums and shocks.  I’m much lighter in the wallet, but I feel good about doing my part to get the auto industry back on its feet!  Well, sort of, anyway.  Most of what I bought was probably hecho en Mexico or China.  I will mention this with pride, though – the brake lines were made by a company in Ohio – Right Stuff Detailing.  More about them in a future update…

My axle, at Barry's shop.  Kinda looks like it just threw up, doesn't it?

It sat like this for a long, long time.

I didn't think that I would ever get all the springs and other parts assembled in the correct order and positions!

All brake parts, lines and cables are installed!
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