The continuing story of my 1964 Pontiac Tempest Custom...
Front end rebuild
Free time and cash were in short supply from June 06 to May 07.  Sure, I did some things to the car, but nothing really to brag about.  During that period, I rethought my suspension refurb plans.  Originally, I had planned to use polygraphite bushings to improve the car's handling. After considerable research, I decided to use conventional rubber components instead. While the cost was relatively the same for the front end parts, I didn't want to degrade ride quality. I was also afraid of budget creep - modified front suspension would require a quick-ratio steering box. Then, lowering springs and a front disc brake upgrade. The rear suspension would also require higher performance parts, as well. I would probably be taking on more than I can handle. Perhaps my next project can be more of a G-machine than this one.

Around Memorial Day 2007, I got fed up with my lack of activity.  Sure, I'd taken apart the front end, from the fenders down to the control arms in the months coming up to the holiday, but progress had stalled.  A wave of mechanical activity swept over me for a few glorious days at the end of May, and I did more to the car in that short time than I had in months.

Here are some "before and after" pictures, along with a few that show the progression of work.


Taking something apart is always easy...


There was a WHOLE lot of work (and swearing) between the first pair of pix and these two.


A little better looking, don't you think?


The frame rails were painted with Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator
 and the control arms are coated with Eastwood's Chassis Black from a rattle can.


New tie rod ends and centerlink.  All lovingly painted with clear spray paint for some unknown reason. 
Wait a minute...several beers and too much idle time could have been a contributing factor.

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